More “Our Blood”

On Buckner and Anders’ stop through Cleveland someone shot a video of the first two songs of the set, two new songs from “Our Blood.” Buck was also nice enough to jot down the set list for them, posted below the video.

04/04/2011 Grog Shop Cleveland, OH Set List
1. Traitor
2. Escape
3. Thief
4. Collusion
5. Ponder
6. Witness
7. Confession
8. Hindsight
9. Gang

(10. & the Clouds’ve Lied
11. Loaded @ the Wrong Door)

Thanks to one of my best old friends Greg F. for the tip.



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2 responses to “More “Our Blood”

  1. jmccw

    will the 2 songs in parentheses really be on the new album? they are two of my favs and I would LOVE to hear them reimagined by RB

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